‘No Regrets’ way of life: How to make awesome mistakes!

Here's why you should not be afraid to make a mistake!

Posted by Apoorva Patil on June 12, 2016

Right now, just take a quick glance at your past and I guarantee you that you will regret much more about the things you didn’t do compared to the ones which you did.

The only reason behind why we didn’t commit them is, we were afraid of committing a mistake, we were afraid of taking a chance with destiny. And no matter how many times we read about it, no matter how many times life taught us that failure is the stepping stone to success, we still are very much afraid of the failure and want to avoid it as much as possible. Even at the cost of leading a whole life time being a conformist and doing what the peers are doing, never trying anything new.

The only way out of this vicious circle of fear of failure, fear of doing a mistake is to prepare yourself to do mistakes generously and with your full spirit!

`At first glance this is an absurd statement, especially for the Mr. Perfects out there who claim they never do a mistake in their lives. Well, it only proves that they haven’t tried anything new in their life. But the above statement only makes sense when you look at the way babies learn to walk and talk. They stumble and stammer countless times before they were able do it, so called, Perfectly!

Do babies regret making mistakes? Does a baby blame itself for falling down while trying to stand up for the first time in its life? It just never quits trying even if it gets hurt in the process. And that’s what you just need to do, if you want to lead an absolute regret free life or at least, an almost regret free life. At least, free of the regret of Not Doing Something which you should have done.

You can read a thousand and one books and attend countless seminars but you will never learn the lesson until you realise it with your own experience. Reading stuff like this will have little-to-no effect on your life unless you experience it first-hand. But that can only happen when you allow yourself to try something new and to do a mistake with your full spirit.

Perhaps the only benefit of reading things like this is, you will get a head-start, you will be able to recognise the lesson as soon as life teaches you. So that, you don’t have to go in the same path again and again.

Its all about firsthand experience

Don’t ever discard or accept anything just because the false moralism or so called authorities teaches you that. Accept it only when you learn it from your first-hand experience. And this should be easy enough for you because it is something which is hard-wired into your system by nature. But the only thing that is stopping you from claiming your natural inheritance is again that same old fear of making a mistake.

The added advantage of making a mistake with your full spirit is that, you don’t ever have to do it again. You don’t ever have to sit and wonder about the ‘what if’ dilemma about the things you should have done. Because you haven’t quit in the middle, you have seen it through the end! And this is what I do and advice to the people who are in a dilemma about something.


Make a mistake + Learn the lesson + Move on = Lead a regret free life. Period.